1933 Chinese Silver Dollar - Sun Yat-Sen

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1933 Chinese Silver Dollar - Sun Yat-Sen

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A 1933 Chinese Silver Dollar - Sun Yat-Sen, tested as silver and in excellent condition. A well-known political giant in the world, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen has numerous biographies written in six different languages. None of them, however, is so vivid and portable as this mini-biography - the Junk Dollar that was issued during the early years of the Republic of China. The Junk Dollar, a nickname for the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Commemorative Coin, was issued in 1933 and 1934. After the Northern Expedition (1926 to 1927), the Chinese government decided to replace Yuan Shih-kai Dollars with a new coin portraying Dr. Sun.

The design of the new national coin was not determined until 1933, when the Ministry of Finance promulgated the regulations on the state currency of the Republic of China. The new coin was cast by the Shanghai Mint. The obverse was a profile of Dr. Sun, and the reverse had a junk sailing on the sea. The characters - Yi Yuen (One Dollar) - were engraved on both sides of the junk.

The new dollar soon became popular. It first replaced the Yuan's Head, the Dragon Dollar, and foreign silver coins, it then replaced other Dr. Sun commemorative coins. Therefore, the Junk Dollar carved an extremely important niche in the modern history of Chinese coinage.

The Junk Dollar is not only a circulating coin, but a portable biography that vividly tells the experience of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. The sea and ship were part of Dr. Sun's life, since he spent a large amount of time travelling on the ocean, living overseas, establishing anti-Ching Dynasty organizations and leading in other revolutionary activities.

The design of the sailing ships on the sea was brand new in the history of Chinese coinage and is especially related to the personal adventures of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. The Junk Dollar also reveals the experience of the Chinese people in modern times; The hope of China lies in it's joining the rest of the world, with a rapidly expanding and emerging economy; coupled with significant social and political challenges ahead.

This is the only coin in our collection with one dated 1933 and one dated 1934, and has joined the collection because of the history attached to this year and this coin; being a significant historical point for a rapidly emerging China.

Please note: Some silver patina (black) between the characters and around the ship has deliberately been left on the coin for the pictures, to show authenticity. This can be cleaned to a beautiful shine if requested before shipment.

ORIGIN: China - c1933

MAKER: Shanghai Mint
WEIGHT: 0.95 Ounces (27.0 Grams)
DIAMETER: 1.14 Inches (2.9 Centimeters)

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