Chinese Silver Hallmarks

Chinese Silver Hallmarks

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CC - Unknown Maker, Canton, c1830
The hallmark CC is unidentified at present. He is believed to have worked in Canton in the early 19th century. Very few of his pieces are known, with all so far being spoons; that bear pseudo-English hallmarks as well as the letters CC, None have any form of Chinese decoration that we are aware of at present.
C.J. & Co - Silversmiths & Retailers, Hong Kong, Late 19th / Early 20th Century
Cumshing - Canton - c1785-1825
Cumshing was one of the earliest known export silversmiths, located in New China Street, Canton. Pieces attributed to Cumshing bear the letters CS on their own, or with pseudo-hallmarks which occasionally include the date letter I, or with Chinese characters indicating the particular workshop or artisan who made the piece.
Cumwo - Fine Silversmiths & Retailers, Hong Kong, 2nd Half 19th Century
Cumwo was located in Queens Road, Hong Kong; and was possibly a retail shop selling items by individuals or groups of silversmiths, whose character marks accompanied the letters CW. This would account for the varying quality of pieces bearing the CW mark.
Cut Shing - Fine Silversmiths, Canton, China, 2nd Quarter of 19th Century
This maker usually used British pseudo-marks as well as the CS hallmark, and sometimes used CUT with pseudos
Gem Wo - Silversmiths & Retailers, Hong Kong, Canton c1850-1860
Also known as Gen Wo

Gothic k - Canton - c1825-1875 
Gothic k is an exceptionally rare maker, with comparitively few pieces known. He is believed to have operated from Canton in the second and third quarters of the 19th century. 

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Hoa Ching (or Hoa Cheong) - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, c1850-1870

Hone Wo - Silversmiths, Hong Kong, c1850-1900
Hone Wo was a silversmith working in Tai Ping Shan Street, Hong Kong from c1850 to c1900.

Hung Chong (or Cheong) & Co - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, c1860-1930
Hung Chong was a silversmith and retailer located in both Shanghai and Canton, and sold items from local silversmiths. It is sometimes possible to differentiate the items from Shanghai to those from Canton based on their style. Smooth and plain styles, sometimes in contract to decorated areas can often be a characteristic attributed to pieces made in Shanghai.
Khe Cheong (or Cheoung) - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, c1840-1870

 KL, translated by Chan (2006) as Guang Li, a Shanghai silversmith whose export pieces are extremely rare, and little else is known about this maker at present. c1880



Kwan Wo - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, & Hong Kong, c1880-1920
The same characters (signature) for Kwan Wo can sometimes be seen on pieces marked WH (Wang Hing) and WF (Wing Fat). It is highly likely that Kwan Wo made pieces for both these contemporaries, as well as pieces under his own name.
Kwong Man Shing - Silversmiths & Retailers, Hong Kong, c1900
Pieces marked KMS are believed to be the work of Kwong Man Shing, located at 24 Queens Road, Hong Hong, and possibly also Canton; during the last quarter of the 19th and first quarter of the 20th century.
Lain Chang - Silversmiths & Retailers, Shanghai, China, 1st Half 20th Century
Lee Ching- Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, & Hong Kong, c1840-1870
Lee Yee Hing, Fine Silversmith, Hong Kong, Early 20th Century
Luen Hing - Very Fine Silversmiths & Retailers, Shanghai, China - c1910
Luen Hing produced imaginative designs and craftsmanship, making many of his pieces quite unique in nature.
Luen Wo - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, Shanghai & Hong Kong - Late19th / Early 20th Century
Luen Wo was a silversmith that operated from various premises in Nanking Road in Shanghai, in the late 19th, early 20th century. Nanking Road - or Nanjing Road as it is known today, was then, as its is now; Shanghai's business shopping road. The company was prolific, producing high quality pieces, and also traded in other items such as diamonds, jewellery and embroideries.
Maker MZ - Unknown - c1900
We are currently researching this maker, with a number of items known to have gone through auction houses. We currently have very little information, and will add more here when we know more about this quality silversmith.
Maker OW - Unknown - c1880
We are currently researching this maker.We currently have very little information, and will add more here when we know more about this quality silversmith.
Po Cheng -Silversmiths & Retailers, Hong Kong. Late 19th / Early 20th Century
Hallmark PC, accompanied with 90 and Chinese characters, is believed to be attributed to Po Cheng from Hong Kong. The 90 mark suggests the late 19th, early 20th century date range. Very little else is known about this maker, and pieces are relatively rare to find.
Sing Fat - Canton, China, Early 20th Century
Sing Fat worked with Sterling silver (925), unlike other Chinese silversmiths who generally worked with 90 grade silver.
Sunshing and Sun Shing - Silversmiths & Retailers, Canton, China, c1790-1830 and late 19th century
A prolific silversmith who worked in Canton during the first half of the 19th century, and possibly earlier. Pieces attributed to Sunshing bear the initials SS and with or without pseudo-English hallmarks.
Tack Hing, Fine Silversmiths, Hong Kong, Late 19th / Early 20th Century

Tien Shing - Hong Kong - c1850-1875 

Tien Shing was a silversmith working in Hong Kong in the 3rd quarter of the 19th century.

Tuck Chang & Co - Shanghai, 67 Broadway. Late 19th / Early 20th Century
WA - Little known Maker, c1870
Very little is known about the maker WA, although the work is believed to have come from Canton, and a number of this makers pieces have been auctioned at considerably good prices. Our expectation is that this silversmiths works will continue to rise as more becomes known about them, and as more people realise that the number of articles around the world are very limited.
Wang Hing & Co - Late 19th / Early 20th Century c1890
Wang Hing was a maker and retailer of top quality Chinese export silver. The company was patronised by Tiffany's, Indian Maharajas, and other notables. It had retail premises between 1875 and 1925 (approximately) at 10 Queen's Road, Hong Kong. Another outlet was at 1 Sai Hing Street, Guangzhou (Canton) in 1919. The company enjoyed an excellent reputation and was a supplier to Tiffany & Co.
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